All Natural Skin Care Products are a passion for individuals who place top priority on skin health, as well as for the enlightened companies which design those products.

But there is confusion about what the term means. “All natural” may be a confusing term, and sometimes is applied incorrectly by manufacturers. The key aspect of All Natural Skin Care Products from a manufacturing perspective is that they do not contain preservatives. This is an area of controversy in the cosmetics and toiletries arena, and an important point to consider. Preservatives do what they claim to do: they add to the shelf-life of a product and prevent molds, spores, bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts from collecting and colonizing in the product. There is a downside, however. Preservatives are demonstrated to be skin irritants in some cases, and may cause other health issues. In any case, they are not “natural”– they are created in a lab.

In its purest sense, the word “natural” as used in the context of All Natural Skin Care Products means a botanical which is not genetically altered or treated with chemicals in a lab. The term in context also means that no parabens, preservatives or other synthetic substances such as artificial perfumes, artificial colors, phthalates and other common chemicals are used in the formulation.

Yes, this means that your All Natural Skin Care Products must be used quickly– they will not last years, like McDonald’s french fries. Also, be sure that your hands are very clean when you use your All Natural products, to avoid introducing excessive bacteria and particulates to the product. For the same reason, we do not recommend sharing these products with other people, to avoid any chance of cross-contamination.

Not hating– just gift roomies, partners and others with their own supply!

ESSIO, like Burt’s Bees, Aura Cacia, and some of our other faves, qualify as All Natural Skin Care Products. In the case of ESSIO, our aromatherapy essential oil blend is contained in a sealed pod, so the contents are kept pristine. Our pure, expertly blended formulations are breathtakingly authentic, with the wild, true aromas of sun, wind, newly opened petals, dew, rain, fresh air, deep, raw earth and the energetic greenness of life itself– and you just can’t make that in a lab.