Fire: it’s happening inside our bodies, and it’s called inflammation. Anti-inflammatory essential oils are the newest breakthrough in holistic self-care, and may offer solutions to an array of physiological and even emotional issues– yet anti-inflammatory essential oils have been around for thousands of years!

They key phrase in inflammation is, of course, flame. Inflammation in a flesh-wound, for instance, feels like it’s on fire. Ditto for an area of the body which is filled with nerve-endings, like eyes and skin. This is why a sunburn feels like your entire dermis is blazing like the sun itself.

This fiery imagery applies to other forms of inflammation, too. It is now believed by Western medicine that many common conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, are caused or worsened by internal systemic inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory essential oils are the basis of Essio’s aromatherapy collection– we’ve created six signature blends to address six specific physical, mental and emotional states. In one way or another, all of these blends act to offset inflammation, as well as deliver other health and wellness benefits.

Enjoying these benefits is easy with Essio aromatherapy for the shower. Just attach an Essio pod to your shower, tilt the pod into the water of your shower, and inhale the microveil of essential oils.

Aromatherapists maintain that many of the 100% USDA certified organic botanicals used in Essio aromatherapy blends for the shower reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of COX-2, the enzymes responsible for inflammation and associated pain.

Essio aromatherapy blends help support natural sleep, stress-reduction, and overall immune system health.

A few superstar anti-inflammatory essential oils used in our blends include:

CINNAMON — in Essio PASSION blend. For balancing blood-sugar. Some say its warming, spicy essence attracts wealth and a feeling of abundance.

EUCALYPTUS — in Essio BREATHE blend. Expectorant, loosens mucus, opens respiration, ideal for nasal and lung irritation.

ROSE — in Essio PASSIONblend. Invites unconditional love of self, and more receptiveness to the love of others.

BERGAMOT — in Essio CLEAR, UNWIND, WISDOM and NIGHT blends. Helps us release our need for control, and allows us to surrender and trust.

PEPPERMINT — in Essio BREATHE blend. The name relates to the Latin word “mente”, for thought. Helpful when trying to overcome fears, especially fear of motion, such as flying or other forms of travel.

FRANKINCENSE — in Essio WISDOM blend. Helps center and ground, creating a feeling of security. Allows us to transcend the needs of a grasping ego.

LAVENDER — in Essio CLEAR, PASSION, UNWIND, and NIGHT blends. This calming, purifying essence is the gold-standard across all aromatherapy practice. Supports the repair of tissue and capillary strength.

GERANIUM — in Essio WISDOM blend. Reduces edema, helps release negative memories and fear of abandonment.