Don’t cry: ESSIO is here for you.

The holidays make a lot of people bust out bawlin. First, there’s bad Santa. ┬áThen there’s the fact that there are no parking spots at the mall. Then there are the long lines. Then there is the booming medley of carols on the shopping center sound system which basically lobotomize you to the aroma of Cinnabon.


Then, there are really bad gifts some of us will no doubt be getting. While that should be an oxymoron, do you really need a gumball machine from Neimans, or velour sweatpants of any kind, especially with any sort of text-message across the ample seat?

‘Tis the season to give the patented new essential oil experience from ESSIO. It turns your shower into the world’s biggest, best aromatherapy diffuser– exactly what past technologies couldn’t figure out.

ESSIO blends juicy, 100% USDA certified organic essential oils into cute little pods. There are six original signature blends– one for sleep, one for concentration, one for romance, and so on. You need them all!

The pod has a porous tip on one end, sorta like a broad-tip magic marker. When the steam and warm water of your shower hit the business end of the pod, you are enveloped in a microfine veil of botanicals. No oily feeling, and it doesn’t slime your hair. This latter point is a big selling point with men, who historically are tough to buy for. The fragrances are complex, but subtle enough to vanish when you towel off, so ESSIO does not compete with a scented deodorant or whatever cologne you waft on after your shower. The clean, modern finish is also a plus for dudes who want to be fresh but not flowery.


Until ESSIO , aromatherapy and the shower did not really mix. ESSIO is the first designer to create an aromatherapy diffuser that really works. The choices in the past were either to pour the oil into a tub– a sweet-smelling but slippery experience– or to rest one of the “bombs” or solid cakes intended for tubs on the floor of your shower and try to angle yourself in the direction of whatever aromatherapy goodness was being emitted when the water hit it.

Boutique spas are snapping up ESSIO as the new sumthin-sumthin to add to their treatment menu, but you can replicate the experience at home. We would call this gift a no-brainer except that someone thought about it a whole lot. Snap it up before December 17 to guarantee Xmas delivery, or there may be tears around the wassail-bowl.

Happy Holidays!