Everyone in the world has had a headache. Amazingly, medical science has yet to identify precise causes– and of course, headaches have more than one source.

But regardless of the cause, aromatherapy for headache is emerging as a universally effective and non-invasive treatment.

Headaches are frequently caused by vascular dilation, or swelling in the sensitive areas around the face, temples and back of the head. This is why a bag of frozen peas or a traditional icebag often helps to break the escalation of this kind of headache. If applying cold to your face and head has typically been an effective way for you to relieve your headache pain, inhaling essential oil of Peppermint, in the shower ideally, may also be effective. Peppermint contains natural Menthol, which “tricks” the brain into thinking that the nose is breathing in cooled air.

Medical experts conjecture about other causes of headache, with muscular tension and stress topping the list. Brain chemicals play a role in pain-suppression, and science is currently studying how specific triggers and interactions in brain chemistry may result in headache.

Aromatherapy for headache is a gentle approach which may be combined with relaxation techniques as well as pain medication to relieve the pain in your head. While the particular chemical interactions continue to be a source of study, we do know that many essential oils help the brain produce endorphins, the chemicals which give us a sense of well-being. Especially when enjoyed in the warmth of a shower, the tactile and olfactory effects of aromatherapy may simply allow your brain and body to free themselves from pain.