So you’re sitting in your cube, and you feel waves of sick swirling over you. Was it that steaming monstrosity from the TackyTaco truck you wolfed down at 7 am, hoping it would kill the wavering green shimmer of your Labor Day hangover?

Or simply the fact that summer’s gone, dude? No more fireworks, no more clambakes, no more tan-lines.

Like it or not, here you are. It doesn’t even feel like summer is over, but you’re back at work. Back for reals. Maybe there were a few weeks there where you were off the grid, off to a wedding somewhere, off for a week someplace where you could see the stars, or just texting on the beach.

But now, although the sun is blazing, you’re back in your little Halloween costume — the one that other people take dead seriously– your work clothes. Back in the cube, and, happy-happy, joy-joy, there’s a team-meeting at 10:30. Aromatherapy for Nausea may become necessary as you get a fleeting grip on the grim reality that you may well be staring down the barrel of the rest of your life.

Aromatherapy for Nausea makes Mondays easier. Also Tuesdays, and every day you have to suit up and show up. As easy as adding Essio to your morning shower. Now, repeat after me: “I’m a professional. My team needs me. They’re counting on me. I can’t let my department down. Dreamboat Dondi needs my weeklies for the big report.”

Besides, Jen always brings pink cupcakes on Tuesdays.

Shower, pat dry, repeat, put on a clean shirt, and off you go.


Nausea is one word for it. Aromatherapy has been the holistic go-to to ease the quease ¬†for centuries, so take note. Now you can shower in 100% USDA certified essential oils, brought your way by Essio’s patented, brightly colored recyclable pods, which in themselves may give you the will to go on. How bad can life really be when you greet the day under a cute little crayon-colored pod of Aromatherapy for Nausea?

Your reptile brain is craving for a reset-button…so check out Essio’s CLEAR blend. French Lavender for a calming, purifying base. Tart Bergamot as an eye-opener, even if you were slurping down frozen Mike’s Hard Lemonade straight from the bag while watching the James Franco Roast last night — dude!

Add Ylang-Ylang, a fluttery, flowery essence to restore your innocence. A grind of Nutmeg for a spicy, centering wakey-wakey– a clean, sharp spike of reality needed to snap you out of your summer haze. A dash of Peppermint which deceives your nostrils into believing it’s actually cool. Yes, Peppermint tricks receptors in the lining of your nose which tell your brain it’s not 102 degrees outside. Sweet Orange is citrusy and smells like hope, wholesomeness and starting over, finishing with Chamomile, a mild, daisy-like flower that smells like clean laundry.

Aromatherapy for Nausea isn’t just for Vikings, sailors, whalers or other sea-hags — nor is it just for those who’ve scarfed down something unsavory. Aromatherapy for Nausea is just for you as you charge into a brand new day, every day. Press on, little soldier. And, here it is: Essio officially gives you permission to continue to wear white as long as you want to.