Vetiver, a perennial grass native to India, may not be the most glamorous herb on the shelf. But its fresh, clean, green aroma, a key ingredient in the Essio UNWIND blend, may hold the key to easing your angst. It’s just one simple way to enjoy aromatherapy for stress.

Vetiver is collected and sold in dry, reedy, kindling-like bundles that our master aromatherapy blenders refer to as bundles of joy, because five thousand years of Ayurvedic wisdom (maybe more) associate the use of Vetiver with deep relaxation and the release of tension, essential for balancing the Chakras and the vibrational distribution of life-energy, or Prana (you may also know it as Chi, or Qi) along the Marmas, or meridians of your body. The use of aromatherapy for stress has been honored as both a science and an art in India and many parts of Asia for centuries; now, Western medicine is beginning to come around to the idea, too.

Seem like a lot to grasp? Okay, let’s take it from the top. Essio is the first aromatherapy experience developed specifically for your shower. You just put the Essio holder in place on your shower, click in a pod of essential oils, tip the pod down and turn on the water. Instant karma– no matter what has gone on in your past reincarnations, Essio UNWIND is a liberation from all of that. Bad day at the office? Overdue library books? Stuck your tongue out at teacher? Ate all the roses off your sister’s birthday cake? Lied about your age? Fake ID? Called in sick and went to the movies? Gone. Down the drain. Aromatherapy for stress has never been so purifying, or so simply elegant.

Think of Essio UNWIND as REWIND. Starting over, all with a fresh, purifying rush of essential oils.

Other ingredients in this pod of aromatherapy for stress harmonize as the other key notes within the Essio UNWIND aromatherapy for stress equation. We blend the stimulating, energizing essential oils of ┬áthree Citrus varieties– Sweet Orange, Bergamot, and Petitgrain– into the mix. Citrus oils add brightness, and a sunny, optimistic note, always a must when you’re combatting the negative spiral of stress.

But , whoa. Don’t want to get too manic, which can also be an effect of nervous tension. So we temper the mix with smoky, sultry, spicy Patchouli. This “heavier”, slower-moving aroma offsets the brilliance, sharpness and slightly astringent aspect of all that Citrus, so that you don’t hit your head on the ceiling from bouncing up and down with pure, amped-out delirium. Patchouli, a twilight-ish, sexy favorite of Silk Road merchants and San Francisco hipsters, has a deeply mellowing quality, great for releasing the kinks in soma and psyche.

Not surprisingly — Patchouli is also a star-player in our romantic, tenderly erotic PASSION blend for the shower, too.

Aromatherapy for stress always has to include a note of Lavender, too. Lavender has been used for centuries across the Mediterranean and many parts of Europe for its calming, grounding effects. Its aroma is lightly floral, but not girly-sweet– just fresh, herbal-ish and purifying. We use it in our Essio UNWIND blend to give you a sense of relaxed, solid, stable peacefulness, once you’ve aromatically quieted the synaptic snap-crackle-pop of anxiety and neural static.