The aromatherapy shower is finally here, exclusively through the patented aromatherapy showerhead created by the essential oil innovators at Essio!

Essential oils have been collected, cherished and enjoyed by every culture on earth for centuries. But the aromatherapy shower, specifically, has not been available until now.

Aromatherapy has taken many forms over the centuries. One of the most common is the use of highly concentrated aromatics as incense. Resin, dried leaves, barks and other botanical aromatics are often burned– everything from copal to sandalwood to sage– and the smoke is wafted over baths and pools. The effect is perfumed, and pleasant: the participant simply breathes in the aromatherapy while immersed in water. However, the delivery experience is not the same as with a true aromatherapy shower.

Another traditional way of experiencing aromatherapy as part of a bathing ritual is to add essential oils to the bathwater itself. Alternatively, some traditions massage the oil into the skin, and then the participant settles into a warm bath. Again, delicious. But this experience does not offer the full immersion of an aromatherapy shower. And, the oils used in this way tend to leave a heavy residue on skin, hair, tub and tiles.

Part of the challenge in creating aromatherapy shower technology is the active, volatile nature of essential oils. Oils by their nature exhibit a physical action known as “creep.” The liquid molecules move up and out of their bottle or jar, making the oils literally difficult to contain! These oils are escape artists! Genuine organic essential oils also are fragile, and must be protected from heat and direct sunlight. Formulating these ingredients into a blend which merges easily into the water of a shower has been a challenge for centuries.

Past technologies have generally consisted of a cake, ball or “bomb” which contains the aromatherapy ingredients– really just a variation on the bath products developed for use in the tub. This solid cake is placed on the floor of the shower, and the ingredients react with water. The trouble is, the aromatherapy aromatics only extend to very small area using this kind of product– it’s difficult for the essential oils to travel five feet or more, from the shower floor to your nostrils, ┬áin the few minutes you’re in the shower!

A true aromatherapy shower is like being enclosed in a dewy blossom as it opens. Essio’s unique patented aromatherapy pods contain one of six original signature blends, all formulated with 100% organic essential oils. The pod fits into a simple armature which clips onto the shower pipe– no tools needed. Simply tilting the pod down into the moving water releases a superfine microveil of aromatherapy actives. All you have to do is breathe, and be transformed.