Let’s say you’re chilling, just sitting on the ground outside your pad in Rincon, Indonesia, surrounded by blooming fragrant ylang-ylang, maybe making a broom from some coconut fronds.  Sounds pretty idyllic.

And, of course, dragons are made-up, so you have nothing to worry about. Right?

Actually, dragons are real: Komodo Dragons. When one of these formidable predators recently latched onto the wrist of an 83-year old woman named Haisah as she was weaving her coconut broom, Haisah jumped to her feet and delivered a swift kick to one of the reptile’s forelegs in order to free her hand.  Haisah’s wound — the Komodo Dragon is known for its powerful “grip and rip” style of biting which can open large lateral wounds, made even more dangerous because the animal has venom glands in its mouth containing more than 600 toxins– required 35 stitches. But she’s okay. Her quick thinking and quick reflexes saved her life.

Haisah’s experience is an example of extreme, sudden stress. Her particular circumstances aren’t likely to happen to you, unless you do a lot of craft-projects in sleepy villages in Indonesia. You may occasionally encounter  a crisis which is similar on a neurological level, though — perhaps you wake up and discover that your condo is on fire. That situation would require a huge rush of natural brain neurochemicals to spike your energy and get you up and out and safely out of harm’s way, just as Haisah was able to burst into explosive, immediate action and save her own life.

But really, how often does this happen?

This sort of extreme fight-or-flight stress is comparatively rare. Yet as a society, we are chronically stressed. The effects are far-reaching today. Stress seems to be part of virtually every modern medical complaint. And with this in mind, it’s time to rediscover the benefits of essential oils.

From a design standpoint, the central nervous system and skeleto-muscular design of homo sapiens are well-adapted for responding effectively in short, intense, sprints.  Anthropologists opine that we developed this skill on the savannahs of Mother Africa, after emerging from the relative protection of jungle and forest primeval and migrating into open areas. Suddenly, we were exposed– and, OMG, there’s a saber-tooth tiger, RUN!

The body can recover quickly from the cascade of neurochemicals which allow us to flee from a predator or a burning house. But what we experience today poses a different challenge: chronic, low-level, long-term stress.  The chemicals associated with physical responses to stress, including the “stress hormone”, cortisol, are elevated daily, albeit not to the crisis level experienced by Haisah and other brave souls.

We’re not sure how Haisah chilled out after her close encounter with an ancient Lizard King. But we recommend our mellowing aromatherapy blend of 100% USDA essential oils called UNWIND. Citrus essences of Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Petitgrain have a wholesome centering effect, flushing out the aftermath of feeling tied up in psychic knots.

Lavender calms out the kinks, while Patchouli just makes you feel groovy, with no threat of a hangover the morning after.

UNWIND aromatherapy for the shower is a voluptuous and easy way to experience spa-like relaxation in the privacy of your own home. Just by clipping the Essio aromatherapy diffuser onto your shower pipe, clicking the essential oil pod into place, and stepping into the warm flow of the water.

Just make sure to lock the front door.