Dolphins were sacred to Apollo, god of light and reason, and the ancient world was filled with stories of dolphins rescuing stranded mariners. Today, humans swim with dolphins in an attempt to gain their wisdom. Plus, it’s a cute photo opp.

Even grumpy zoologists pretty much concede that dolphins appear to jump for pure joy, ¬†love to play, solve problems, and race alongside cruise ships and speedboats. ¬†They are natural anti-depressants for humans. Watching them leap from the surf, for whatever reason, it’s hard to be morose.

Occasionally we hear a SUP instructor refer to the “endolphins” which are produced during a workout. We think they mean endorphins. Although maybe there’s more in common than not, so we refrain from correcting them.

Certain aromas seem to spike our moods, too: all citrus essential oils, major components in aromatherapy blends for the shower . When you’re in a funk, if you can’t catch a Flipper rerun, slice open a lemon and take a whiff.