Headaches are a common complaint, and may arise from a number of causes. But while the origins may vary, essential oil for headaches is a treatment which suits just about everyone.

What’s causing your headache? Possibly one or more of the following:




All three of these conditions are increasingly common in our society, especially with the advent of an increasingly sedentary life, spent indoors at a digital keyboard.


It’s also worth noting that simple dehydration is a major factor in the common hangover. It’s not just the alcohol– it’s lack of hydration which makes you feel like life is smacking you on the head with a hammer the morning after a bender. Just sayin’. So if you’re in a party-licious modality, be sure to drink full glasses of water between cocktails. Waiter!

Not that we’re hating. The sedentary, high tech lifestyle is what’s making it possible for you to read this article right now. So, since the makers of Essio aromatherapy for the shower¬†care about your health and well-being, promise us you’ll drink a big glass of filtered water and go for a long walk outdoors the minute you finish reading!

But back to your headache.  Many experts agree that loss of circulation to any of the many tissues in the upper back, shoulders, neck, jaw and face can result in headache. Essential oil for headaches, especially Lavender and Peppermint, may offer benefits in a number of ways:

Have a massage using one or both of these exquisite organic botanical essential oils. You don’t even need a massage therapist: slowly massage a bit of the oil into the base of your neck, using the pads of both thumbs. Apply soft pressure, slipping your thumbs up the vertebrae into the nape of your neck.

Then, if possible, wet your hair, towel-blot, and massage a few drops of the oil into your scalp, using the same soft pressure. Move thumbs in circular motion over the top of your head, down to your temples– but keep the potent oil away from your eyes.

Drop a few drops of essential oil for headaches onto a tissue, cotton ball or even a paper napkin. If you’re at work, keep this essential oil sachet in your work-space. Every so often, take a deep whiff. At home, place it inside your pillowcase.

Shower with Essio aromatherapy, the first aromatherapy system created for the shower. Our 100% USDA organic botanicals alleviate stress, soothe and balance body, mind and spirit, and leave skin refreshed and energized. There are six Essio blends formulated with specific moments in mind — and all six formulas may help chase away a throbbing headache.

And — no essential oils for headaches needed for this tip– keep a few bags of frozen peas in the freezer. Grab one and rest it on your head the minute you feel a headache coming on. Also feels good on other muscular pain — probably best if you cover the skin with a washcloth or thin fabric.

Other reasons for headaches: jaw clenching and grinding. It’s a common response to stress. Next time you’re at the dentist, ask the professionals if your teeth show any evidence of this behavior (wear-patterns on your molars, and even the degree of muscular development in your jaws will enable them to tell!). If the answer is yes, consider meditation by day, a mouth-guard by night, especially if you have frequent headaches.

Another common culprit is holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder, hands-free. Holding this kinked position contracts the muscles, cuts off circulation, and can make the entire area tight. You’d think that this issue would be moot with the phasing out of hand-sets (old-school phones with the cord and the receiver), but not true: now we do it with our itty-bitty iPhones. If you’re on the phone more than occasionally, use a headset to help keep your neck and shoulders relaxed, and to avoid headaches.