A trip to the spa is pretty close to heaven on earth. It’s where we go to get tubbed, scrubbed, rubbed, steamed and creamed into oblivion—good for the skin, good for the psyche.

And since ancient times, aromatic herbs, blossoms, leaves, seeds and barks have been collected and pressed into duty for their restorative fragrances. Modern science reveals that the essential oils of botanicals aren’t merely perfume: these bioactive essences can literally change brain chemistry, and change our moods. Which is why Essio aromatherapy for the shower is the most delectable spa offering since huge, fluffy white towels.

Our six aromatherapy blends now allow spas to perfectly customize your treatment. Master-crafters select precise combinations of botanical oils to produce a  specific effect, depending upon your mood and what you need at the time of your visit. Carefully chosen ingredients are integrated into each blend— exhilarating Peppermint and Bergamot for alertness, sultry Rose and Patchouli for romance, mellow Lavender for relaxation, brilliantly refreshing Lime and Geranium for concentration and focus, purifying Cedar and Eucalytpus to clear breathing passages, and soothing Basil and Sage to invite a good night’s sleep, just as examples.

Our blends are premium 100% USDA certified organic, sustainably sourced, and meet the most rigorous spa health protocols. Since our product launch in December, 2012, deluxe spas across the USA are incorporating Essio into their service menus.

All you have to do is breathe. And here’s even better news: Essio blends are now available for your home shower, too.