Fragrant oils in the form of aromatherapy for the shower are the newest way to release tension, improve your mood and balance your energy. But the fact is that fragrant oils have been valued by human beings since ancient times.

Distilling fragrant oils is labor-intensive and plain expensive. Depending upon the botanical material usedРaromatic leaves, blossoms, barksРliterally tons of the raw stuff may be required to produce even a small vial of essential fragrant oils.  Consider too that our technology in this area has improved greatly, even in the past century. So the production of fragrant oils in classical Greece, Rome or Egypt, or even Renaissance Europe, all places where fragrant oils were prized on a par with gold, silver, spices, silk and gems, was indeed a daunting task.

Traditional aromatherapy ascribes esoteric and emotional properties to many fragrant oils. For instance, fragrant oils of Cinnamon and Clove are often used as a warming, energizing ingredient, while Lavender is used universally as the most purifying and balancing among the fragrant oils.

One of the most popular groups of fragrant oils are members of the Citrus family. This would include fragrant oils made from Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Mandarin Orange. These fragrant oils are extracted from the highly aromatic rinds of these tart fruits from sunny climes. Their bright, sharp, slightly antiseptic quality makes Citrus an obvious choice for household cleaners, as well as for fragrant oils used in the shower and bath, as well as massage. Our Essio blends combine the brilliantly fresh fragrant oils of Citrus with milder fragrant oils, since on their own, fragrant oils of Citrus can irritate the skin (if you’ve even accidentally squirted yourself in the eye with your morning grapefruit half, you know the feeling!).

What’s the sex-pot among fragrant oils? Patchouli smolders with sultry, smoky notes in blends intended to release sensuality and evoke a whiff of eroticism. Again, on its own, Patchouli can be a bit, well, too intense for her own good. We blend this femme fatale of aromatics with sweeter, lighter, brighter notes in our popular Essio aromatherapy for the show PASSION formula, including fragrant oils of Lavender and romantic Rose, for a well-balanced yet very provocative shower experience.

Fragrant oils in the marketplace today may not be genuine, authentic aromatherapy oils, however. Only fragrant oils produced from 100% organic botanical sourcesРflowers, leaves, stems, barks, seeds and other parts of real plantsРqualify as aromatherapy.

This often confuses consumers today, since we are faced with a world of artificial, synthetic fragrances, meaning that the fragrances are made in a lab, and have never felt the sun or rain, and never touched the earth.

While you may find some of these synthetic smells alluring– they often are modeled after our favorite foods, like baked goods, chocolate and cocktails (and let’s not forget bacon)–they are not aromatherapy, even if the label and packaging say otherwise.

When you’re hankering for fragrant oils, seek out the real thing, since genuine essential oils versus the fakes are demonstrated to unwind stress, enhance natural sleep, improve focus for clear concentration, make it easier to breathe when you’re struggling with congestion, and many other benefits in addition to smelling good.