Fragrant oils are enjoying a renaissance as a source of calming, relaxation, well-being and a way to trigger the self-healing process. And now, through Essio‘s patented shower system, enjoying 100% USDA organic essential oils has never been easier.

Our easy-to-use system consists of a sleek pod which clicks into a simple armature that fits over a standard shower pipe. No tools needed. Just tilt the pod down, turn on the shower water, and you are ready to experience the benefits of fragrant oils.

What’s in the pod?  Essio has created six signature blends, each with a specific purpose. The names tell the story: CLEAR, BREATHE, UNWIND, PASSION, WISDOM and NIGHT. Depending on what you need, click in a pod formulated to open up your sinuses, give you karmic insight, get your flirt on or or y-a-a-a-a-a-a-wn, just ease into a good night’s sleep.

Our pods contain signature Essio blends of signature fragrant oils. We don’t use carrier oils, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or any of the other cheap fillers and potentially irritating ingredients you’ll find in faux-aromatherapy products.

And our unique diffusion system is the first of its kind. While fragrant oils have been valued for centuries, they have been notoriously difficult and expensive to access and use (not anymore!).  This difficulty, of course, has been a key contributor to the value of fragrant oils. In the ancient world, they were literally as precious as gold and gems, in part because of the huge volume of raw botanical materials needed to create a drop of high-quality fragrant oils. To create essential oil of Rose, like that we use in our sultry Passion blend, for example — well, you’ve gotta pick a heck of a lot of rose-petals. And they literally have to be picked in the early morning, while the petal is firm, cool and still holds its natural moisture, in order to enable the oil distillation process.

Add to this that the oils are considered “unstable” in chemical terms. Oxygen and direct sunlight attack the composition and integrity of the oils. So they have to be treated as perishable — like ice cream. In the days before refrigeration….this was tricky. Once captured in an air-tight, light-proof container, how do you get yourself into contact with the oils?

Anointing the head was considered a symbolic act of royal appointment in the ancient world; rulers and spiritual leaders were ceremonially anointed with herbal oils, which were considered sacred and a gift of the gods.

Bathing and anointing of the feet was also charged with symbolic power, as an acknowledgement of regal status and leadership.

More recently, the only way to get into the same space as these oils was via massage (always nice — especially a Shirodhara therapy, where the warmed oil is streamed down over the Third Eye), or by simply inhaling the oils. Essio combines the best of both methods, filling the steam of your shower with microparticles of the fragrant oils, and stroking your skin with the caress of warm, moving water.

Fragrant oils in the shower are a gentle de-stressing treatment, taking a daily chore into a spa-like a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h. And, our blends are synergistic, blended by masters of the art of aromatherapy. These complex, subtle blends are more effective at balancing mental and physical energies than single oils.  Essio makes the immersion-treatment affordable, especially since each pod contains enough fragrant oils for a couple of showers — in the convenience of your own home.  And stepping into a tender rain of these blends is the newest and easiest way to experience the benefits of this ancient health practice.