It’s cold and flu season and lots of us are experiencing stuffy nose, sniffling and sneezing– and also not able to smell and taste very well as the result of nasal congestion. Of course, there’s an aromatherapy blend for that, called BREATHE, a refreshing mix of Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils.

Studies show that when people lose their sense of smell in the long-term, they become disoriented and even clinically depressed. Scientists theorize that part of the reason is that these individuals “lose” their own personal scent, and find their sense of identity to be compromised.

Also, many fragrances make us feel good. While aromatic particles may cause positive chemical responses in the brain whether we consciously recognize aromas or not, we also add to equation with emotional associations anchored deep in the limbic system

Ease congestion with Essio BREATHE

Our sense of smell defines who we are– it’s part of our identity.

when a perceived fragrance triggers a specific memory.