With all due respect to Descartes, his famous division between Mind and Body now seems like ancient history.

Every day, science uncovers more evidence that Mind and Body are in fact one integrated entity. The message: our neurons, our selves.

Aromatherapy, along with healing arts such as massage and energy-work, not only blurs Descartes’ distinction, but dissolves it. Like a rush of warm, Lavender-infused water.

A-h-h-h-h, and it feels good to let it go.

Let’s talk Lavender, for example. Clinical studies, using quantifiable measurements, demonstrate that inhaling micro-particles of essential oil of Lavender may lower blood-pressure, stabilize blood-sugar, decrease the production of cortisol (the nasty hormone that makes us go aggro), trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin, and activate the reward and pleasure-centers in the brain. This is an illustration of a physical process (uh, breathing…) impacting mood and behavior, and potentially reducing the stress that’s literally a killer.

We all know that European philosophers of centuries past were not known for their good hygiene. Perhaps a daily aromatherapy shower would have inspired Descartes to see the world differently.