For stress-reduction this holiday season, turn your shower into the world’s best¬†aromatherapy¬†diffuser.

Why are we so stressed out this time of year? Many energy and wellness experts say it’s because we’re living our modern lives backwards. Winter, even in warmish climates, signals a contraction or reduction of energy. The days get shorter, and cooler. Whether there is snow on the ground or not, plants and animals go into a cycle of rest and restoration until the heat and sun return. Being earthlings, it would make sense for us to do the same.

And, until the advent of indoor lighting and effective indoor heating, our ancestors did. Even as recently as a generation or two ago, many people more or less took to their beds for the winter– often the only warm, and most comfortable, place in the house (especially if you have cats).

Today, especially this time of year, we race around. We overspend– literally. We overextend our credit and our energies, then we crash the first week of January.

We recommend a more Paleolithic attitude to keep spirits bright this holiday season. Do less. Forget the mall: shop online– an ESSIO’s Starter Kit solves a lot of gifting challenges, so be sure to order yours by December 17 to guarantee Christmas arrival.

And, trim down that To Do list while you’re trimming the tree. Shorter days, darker skies signal to the human brain and body that it’s time to regenerate and restore. Essential oils in the shower– one of ESSIO’s six original signature blends– turn your shower into a lush, luscious aromatherapy diffuser. Breathe in a new year, and enjoy this season of gathering together and collecting your energies for a new cycle when Spring returns.