Aromatherapy is a word which is used pretty casually these days. And while we’re not haters, it has to be said: many products which claim to offer aromatherapy benefits simply do not.

In fact, they cannot. The reason? Products which get their fragrances from artificial perfumes by definition do not contain essential oils. And these essential oils, which are actual botanical substances pressed from actual plants, are what make aromatherapy more than perfume. True, some of those artificial perfumes smell pretty good—like fluffy pink-frosted birthday cake, the interior of a new car, the sea-breeze off the Amalfi coast, and all sorts of other yummy stuff. But they aren’t real aromatherapy. Although we do recommend driving a new car up the Amalfi coast, and eating birthday cake of any color whenever possible.

By the way, pure, naturally intense essential oils are far more expensive to derive than the artificial scents. Do you know how many actual rose-petals it takes to get a drop of rose-oil?

Components in genuine aromatherapy ingredients—Essio ingredients are 100% USDA certified organic essential oils—actually interact with the brain. Studies suggest that this interact can lower aggression, reduce hostility, improve memory-retention, and, oh, yeah, make you smell and feel like a dewy, fresh-picked bouquet of radiant humanity.