It may seem incredible, but the vast majority of Americans did not have indoor plumbing until after World War II. True, residents of major American cities generally DID, but for folks living somewhere between San Francisco and Manhattan, the facilities were usually outside. Let’s just say that the newspapers stacked there were not just for reading. And if you weren’t interested in the news, corncobs had to do.

Apart from being quaint, not to mention cold in winter, this had a tremendous impact upon American hygiene and health. Many people didn’t bathe very often, and had virtually no concept of dental health, which is why most Americans born prior to about 1960 accepted tooth loss as an inevitable part of age.

In fact, for many American enlisted men who volunteered or were drafted into WWII, the toothbrush which was issued as part of every G.I.’s standard issue gear was the first they’d ever owned.

Returning soldiers were able to purchase their first homes via the G.I. Bill, and this huge wave of post-war, single-family American housing introduced indoor bathrooms to the population at large.

So, as you shower, bathe, brush and floss today, remember that these conveniences are quite recent in human history. And celebrate the latest bump in shower innovation, essential oil aromatherapy. Choose the Essio essential oil blend to suit your mood, turn on the warm water, and appreciate!