Organic Body Care, like the word “natural”, is a term which may cause confusion. A better understanding of the phraseology can help you make more informed and more healthy choices.

“Organic” and “natural” are both terms which are used casually in marketing and advertising to appeal to a health-minded consumer who may be interested in alternative and integrated medicine, wellness, yoga, etc. ¬†Not to say that “organic” and “natural” mean crunchy-granola, although these words do proliferate on the packaging of lumpy, artisanal, expensive cereals.

“Organic” in the strictest sense refers to how plants are cultivated. Specifically, in the most correct sense, organic plant ingredients, whether for food, cosmetics, household cleaners or other products, mean:

1-The plant is not genetically engineered or altered

2-The plant was raised without nitrogen fertilizers, which are demonstrated to create deadly “algae bloom” when the ag chemicals run-off into water sources

3-The plant was raised without the use of herbicides (weed-killers) like Roundup, which obliterate the native grasses and flowering plants which bees and other pollinators need to  support their colonies.

4-The plant was raised without the use of pesticides, which not only kill pest-bugs but also endanger “good” (helpful) insects and the birds which eat them.

Both herbicides and pesticides, for instance, are suspected causes in the recent collapse of honeybee colonies all over North America, as well as the rapid dwindling of Monarch butterfly populations in the USA and Mexico.

“Organic” also has very specific meaning regarding the active ingredients of the product itself. This word, used correctly, means that all of the ingredients are organic (see points 1 – 4) and that no fillers, preservatives, dyes, perfumes, surfactants (these make products foamy and bubbly) or other lab-concocted fillers are used.

ESSIO aromatherapy for the shower meets the strictest definition of this term in the Organic Body Care industry: no parabens, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, no parabens, no preservatives. ESSIO is the only aromatherapy product for the shower which is 100% USDA certified organic.

Our Organic Body Care aromatherapy essential oils are made with sustainably grown, consciously collected flowers, leaves, barks, buds, seeds, fruit and other parts of organically raised plants. We support fair trade and international fair wages practices.

We also extend our passion for organic body care to our packaging. Our boxes and pods are recyclable, and we are always at work to find new ways to lower our carbon footprint.

Organic Body Care is not only good for your skin– it’s good for your community, for the eco-system, and for the global environment.