Lavender, one of 39 flowering plants in the Mint family, has been enjoyed in the bath and in the kitchen since Roman times, and probably before.  Food-grade Lavender is divine in a creme brulle or a cupcake frosting, and we use 100% USDA organic essential oil of Lavender as the soothing, purifying basis of several of our shower aromatherapy formulas.

Folkways around the world give Lavender top billing as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. We get our word “lavatory”– as in, a place to wash– ¬†from the botanical name for this versatile aromatic plant. It’s been used to calm digestive upset, put a fussy baby to sleep, even to heal acne and ringworm, although we cannot vouch for those results.

The Lavender fields of Provence dazzle the senses, eyes as well as the nose–and now the experience is as close as your shower.