Stress is a killer, and relaxing scents in the form of essential oil aromatherapy offer a simple, organic and pleasing path for soothing those spikes of angst.

LIVESTRONG cites research where the essential oil of Lavender actually improved the symptoms of dementia patients.

For centuries, Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli, Mandarin Orange, Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang have been collected and treasured for their calming effects. Especially when seeking relief from anxiety, the subtle and skilled blending of relaxing scents and the essential oils which produce them is even more significant than the active properties of each individual oil.  When blended, oils activate properties in one another which may otherwise be dormant.

Relaxation tip: Imagine stretching out on a huge bower of freshly picked Lavender buds. The weight and warmth of your body will slightly crush the pungent flowers, releasing their oils into a deeply centering, floral yet earthy fragrance. Your blood-pressure will lower gently and your cortisol levels will drop, allowing your muscles to grow supple and flexible.