Every aroma is in fact multiple interactive fragrances

Every aroma is in fact multiple interactive fragrances.

Just as there is a spectrum of light invisible to our eyes and brain (like ultraviolet), and sounds we can’t hear (though maybe Fido can), there are olfactory messages which don’t register with us on a conscious level. But aromatherapy brings this broader band-width of experience to our noses.

What does a day at the beach smell like? Or a walk in a rain-soaked forest? Or a loaf of warm, fresh bread, or a warm, fresh new baby? Each of these aromas is really an array of aromatic messages.

To let you know how complex and subtle these messages are, many species of newborn mammals can identify their mothers only by smell, since their eyes remain shut for several days after birth. Human babies have poor eyesight as infants, but recognize mom initially by her specific scent.

Aromatherapy blends combine many complementary notes– sometimes even contrasting aromas to heighten the experience. For instance, we may combine the clean, astringent sharpness of citrus to undercut a sweet, heavy, spicy essential oil like Patchouli. This interaction makes the aroma “brighter” and more intense than a single-note fragrance.