In the dark of winter, brighten your spirits and perk up your metabolism with creative spa bathroom ideas using essential oils and aromatherapy.

We love Citrus, especially in winter– it’s probably the easiest element in spa bathroom ideas to energize and refresh your space. Clementines — small, really yummy citrus fruit, often marketed under the label “Cuties”– may be used to make simply Clementine Candles for your bath. This is a simple, rewarding and wholesome afternoon craft project to do with kids! All you really need are the fruit, and some olive oil– two healthy ingredients  for your 2014 spa bathroom ideas. The natural essential oils in the rind or skin of the Clementines is an organic mood-booster.

Candles are an important part of your checklist for spa bathroom ideas, but remember: many current studies suggest that paraffin candles– the cheap kind you find everywhere– may be hazardous to your health.  Beeswax candles made with genuine essential oils are more expensive, but obviously worth it because they are organic and safe for your home, health and family.

When trying to dream up spa bathroom ideas to make your personal water-closet more than just a place of necessity, remember that ESSIO aromatherapy for the shower is the first system to bring 100% USDA certified organic essential oils into your shower in an accessible, affordable way. Just snap the patented pod-holder or arm-device onto your shower pipe, click a pod of our original signature aromatherapy blends into the device, tilt it down, turn on the water, and enjoy.

At the top of your list of spa bathroom ideas: the word “organic”.  First, clean your bathroom thoroughly using natural household products which substitute organic essential oils for ammonia and other irritants.

Consider replacing your towels — if they’re a nasty petroleum-based poly blend– with lush, absorbent, earth-friendly 100% cotton or bamboo fiber mats and bath sheets.

Bring an armful of aromatic fresh greenery into your bathroom. Stand tall stems in a metal florist’s can or watering can on the floor. Trail lime leaves and lemon leaves in the basin, bowl and tub, Lemongrass and tuberose are aromatic and long-lasting, and may be found in most farmer’s markets.

Oh, and be sure that your showerhead is distributing flow and water-pressure consistently. If your water flow is weak, your showerhead may be crusted with minerals. Ditch it and treat yourself to a MOXIE speaker/showerhead combo, and enjoy your favorite sounds as you refresh body and mind.