Starting off the new year right: begin with a Spa Day at Home.

Sure, we all love an excursion to a resort or destination spa; keep that on the list, too. But treating yourself to a spa day at home this weekend is a form of immediate gratification for far fewer shekels. And, you can do it right now.

The first step for a blissful spa day at home is a thorough cleaning of your bathroom. If you aren’t much of a cleaner, hire someone. It’s a small indulgence. Whatever it takes– the bathroom has to sparkle. Hire people who use “green” household cleaners only. Or if you do it yourself, make sure that you use only green products.

Check out your showerhead. Is it encrusted with lime and mineral deposits? Um, gross. A proper spa day at home requires massive water pressure. Check out the new deluxe showerhead speaker MOXIE by Kohler, which also includes speaker and Bluetooth access to your favorite tunes.

Take a serious look at your towels. A spa day at home requires fresh deluxe linens. If yours are ripped, torn, shrunken out of shape, bearing mystery stains…ditch them from your spa day at home and save them for washing the dog or the car. Then get ye over to the nearest  linens emporium and purchase two new all-cotton bath towels (bath sheets are even bigger), new cotton bath mat, and new tub mat (this is the plastic no-skid thing with suction cups which goes inside the tub.) We recommend pure white for a real spa day at home experience. Color is secondary, but quality is not. Make sure the towels and mat that you purchase are the thickest, purest and plushest you can find.

Change your bed. Seems unrelated, but it’s not. A spa day at home will include hitting the sheets early. If you’re feeling extravagant. spring for new sheets and pillowcases. And pillows! Nothing worse than a worn-out, flat lifeless pillow. However, in the interest of budget, you can simply strip your bed and make it up with freshly laundered sheets. Again, we’re a fan of pure white, the higher the thread count the better, to create a true spa day at home.  And in any case, spritz your pillowcase with essential oils. We’re fans of Aura Cacia– just add a few drops of essential oils to a small spray bottle and spray your pillow case. Sage is especially soothing and great for clearing out bad vibes.

You’ll need candles. Do not buy cheap, cheesy perfumed candles which are loaded with synthetic perfumes which will give you a headache. Buy actual organic aromatherapy candles. They cost more, but they are crucial to the spa day at home experience. Read the labels thoroughly– there are lots of legit essential oils candles out there. One of our faves is the Grapefruit Soy Candle by earthbotanics, which you can find at

The massage component of your spa day at home is determined by budget. If your fat stacks allow, arrange for a massage therapist to visit your home for a 60 or 90 minute massage. If not, give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage. Use a loofah, a dry brush (available from health food stores) or a washcloth. While your skin is dry, brush the skin. Most lymphatic experts suggest that you brush AWAY from the heart, to speed impurities and toxins out.

Now, turn off your cell phone. Turn off your landline if you have such a thing. Let your computer go to sleep. If necessary, hang a tie on the front door doorknob. The message: do not disturb.


The main event of a spa day at home involves water. Skin care experts caution against getting the water too hot. If it feels too steaming-scalding-hot to just comfortably slip into, then it’s too darn hot!  Enjoy one of six original Essio aromatherapy blends as you shower. Then, if you want a more prolonged spa day at home, light a few of those candles, cue up some sounds of your choice, and soak in a warm tub.

And what’s next? A night at the opera? Snowboarding? Raging at the club? Bowling? Entirely your call. But we feel that the ultimate spa day at home leads to zonked-out slumber on fresh sheets. Enjoy.