Now Essio aromatherapy for the shower makes the benefits of essential oils accessible, available and enjoyable – again!

We’re all about simplicity.  Just clip Essio onto the shower-pipe, tilt the pod (filled with the delectable essential oil blend of your choice) into the stream of the shower, and enjoy.

Choose from one of six original Essio blends. Each has been formulated with a specific purpose— to relax, to invite natural deep sleep, to energize, to enhance your powers of concentration and focus, to decongest breathing passages, or to spark sensuous passions.

Aromatherapy has been honored as an ancient healing art for millennia. The use of aromatic oils and fragrant herbs held a prominent place in indigenous Native American and Aboriginal Australian cultures, as well as Egyptian, Chinese and Greek healing traditions of several thousand years ago.

Along with many other traditions, aromatherapy was rejected by scientists during the Age of Enlightenment. In the past few decades, alternative and complementary medicine has taken a new interest in the use of botanicals.

But until Essio, aromatherapy required a trip to the spa, or a visit from a professional massage therapist. We created Essio with 100% USDA certified essential oils to bring the botanical benefits of aromatherapy to the home-shower.

It’s easy to change your Essio pod as easily as you change your mind. There’s nothing to install—the pod simply twists in, or out.

With Essio, the benefits of aromatherapy are now on tap for you, every shower, every day.