The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner. And whether or not Cupid’s arrow hits its mark on February 14 or not, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to treat yourself to luxurious at home spa ideas.

GET CLEAN. Let’s get real: in order for your bathroom to inspire romantic and hedonistic¬†at home spa ideas, it has to be sparkling, dazzlingly, blindingly, white-glove-test, Martha Stewart squeaky-clean. You have to feel like you could safely do brain-surgery on those tiles. And, since we’re keeping it real, in keeping with the luxurious feeling of at home spa ideas, that means someone other than you has to clean the bathroom.

An immaculate bathroom, made that way by someone else, is in fact the most essential of Valentine’s at home spa ideas. So phone in a favor, strong-arm a house-mate, or just pick up the phone and hire someone who can work a wet rag into grout.

Insist that whoever cleans uses eco-green, earth-friendly cleaning products.

Once the bathroom is gleaming and fresh, take stock.

GORGEOUS LINENS. All raggedy, faded, stained towels are immediately jettisoned for lowlier tasks like auto maintenance or doggie shampoos.

That sad, thin little wafer of hand soap goes, too– although you can collect these into a mesh bag for the shower, to get the last gasp of use out of them.

Treat yourself to a plush new towel and bath mat, in 100 % organic cotton or bamboo fiber.

LOVE IN BLOOM. Real (not fabric) flowers are a must. Try potted plants instead of cut flowers, for longevity. Got a hanger-hook in the ceiling? Spider-plants often thrive in a steamy bathroom, and will send out glorious striped spikes and sprays of “baby” spiders.

These days, for 20 bucks or less, “moth” orchids are sold in virtually every grocery store, in exquisite shades ranging from white to purple– we’re fond of the Dexter-referenced “spatter” patterns.

Tip from the ESSIO horticultural consultant: don’t over-water your orchids. Steam from the bath should keep the blossoms opening and intact for many weeks.

And nurseries, farmer’s markets and some supermarkets carry plants with intensely fragrant flowers, like gardenia and freesia. And, if your wish-list of Valentine’s at home spa ideas has to include the traditional dozen (or more) long-stemmed roses, that’s all good, too.

ESSENTIAL OILS for the shower or tub. If you’re planning some steamy romance, check out super-sexy blends with Cinnamon, Clove and Patchouli, to fan the flames of desire.

LIGHTS OUT…candles on, speaking of flames. Most bathrooms have harsh lighting, which can make even Beyonce look like Larry King, and make normal people look like….well, let’s just say that flattering lighting is key to looking our best.

First, switch out cheapie, glaring, high-watt lightbulbs for pink-tinted versions– these give skin a pearly glow. ¬†Then set the match to a few long-burning pillar candles. Be sure to choose candles made with beeswax and essential oils, not nasty paraffin and artificial fragrances, since it’s the mission of Valentine’s at home spa ideas to connect with your inner, most natural and goddess-y wood-nymph self.

It’s fine to make a wish when you light each candle….and definitely make a wish when you blow them out.

To bring 100% USDA certified essential oils into your shower in time for this Valentine’s Day, order ESSIO no later than this coming Sunday, February 9 to guarantee February 14 delivery, using the special promo code BEMIINE– and receive 25 per cent off any refill pack on our site!

We wish you love.