We love Valentine’s Day as much as the next person, and this year we’re inspired to do more than gorge ourselves with chocolate and wear shoes that hurt our feet.

Many men we know dread Valentine’s Day because it’s all about huge expectations, and usually turns out to be sort of boring. Not to mention expensive. Maybe this year, challenge your love to a heart-pounding adventure instead of another huge, overpriced meal at another tedious hipstery. Instead of the usual stiff arrangement of roses on your desk, stop and smell the wild roses–or even the dandelions–along the roadside. (Of course, if a great vintage locket or griffin stickpin works itself into the deal, okay.)

And after you come screeching up the driveway at last, giddy and exhilarated and tuckered out beyond all words, breathe in the bliss with an essential oil aromatherapy shower before it’s night-night, lights out.