And as the old saying goes, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no-BODY happy!

May 12 is Mother’s Day. Celebrating mothers everywhere as the eternal life-source, Essio joyfully offers our first Mother’s Day Special, good now through May 16. Shopping for all the moms in your life– and you deserve one, too!– here’s a super score: 25% off the Essio Starter Kit, which contains our three core blends of aromatherapy oil for the shower. Here’s the premium code “ScentOfAMom”– just enter the code during checkout.

The Essio Starter Kit contains three happy-making pods of 100% USDA organic essential oils. The pods snap into place in a simple bracket which clips on the shower pipe. Turn on the shower, tilt the pod into the running water, and step into a spa-like a-h-h-h-h-h-h.

When you purchase the Essio Starter Kit, enjoy one of each of these three blends:

CLEAR — Lavender and Bergamot, to hit your “re-set” button after a long day or sleepless night

UNWIND — Citrus and Spice relax, mellow and balance and bring your energy into equilibrium

PASSION — Moroccan Rose and Patchouli make space in your psyche for the sensual

These 100% USDA organic essential oil blends hit the mark for what every mom is all about, every day, and what every mom needs May 12 and year-round: feeling renewed, staying focused, releasing stress, and feeling like a natural woman. Oh, baby!

But the origins of Mother’s Day are far afield from the sweetly sentimental associations we have with it today. The day began as a day of political activism among women who had witnessed the horrors of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War, and the original concept was to organize mothers for peace. The organizers reasoned that mothers were uniquely motivated to stop war, and appealed to the scores of American mothers who had recently lost their sons on the battlefield.

There is a fierceness to being a mom, whether you call yourself a Tiger Mother or not. Zoologists have recently identified a brain chemical shared by all female mammals who are pregnant or nursing young ones. The brain chemical is called oxytocin, and it’s known as the “love hormone,” because the release of this substance in the brain compels mothers to nurture and protect their offspring, often sacrificing themselves and fighting to the death to keep them safe.  Oxytocin is, on a neurological level, what enables mothers to recognize their pups, cubs and kids. It’s also a trigger for lactation. And without it, your mom wouldn’t bother to pick you up at the mall.

We admire the bravery and tenderness. Also the PB+Js. Thanks, Mom.