Summer’s the time when most of us get fit, relatively speaking. Warm weather allows for more bike-rides, flashlight tag, firefly hunts, b-ball, wild dog romps through sprinklers, tree-climbing, swims, hikes and long, twilight walks. Also, the abundance of seasonal veggies means that we may be eating more healthfully in summer months, too.

But as winter approaches, you need essential oils and aromatherapy for fitness more than ever to stay energized and in shape.

Because it’s all about to end soon. Before you know it, we’ll be setting the clocks back and busting out our wool hunting socks. So it’s time to check out essential oils and aromatherapy for fitness.  Fitness is a moving target, even for pro athletes. But for many regular peeps like you and me — more about peeps of the marshmallow variety in a moment– October is the beginning of a downward slide into lethargy and non-stop candy crushing.

Because right after Labor Day, the supermarket shelves are packed with Halloween candy– who can resist an itty-bitty Milky Way the size of a postage stamp?  Or ten? Then bags of baby marshmallows and cans of candied yams, along with ambrosia, caramel apples and pecan, praline and pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. Then come the buttery Christmas cookies, figgy pudding, bon-bons, Buche Noel, eggnog………. and buttered latkes, cream-stuffed blintzes, blinis and gleaming Chanukkah gelt. And of course, Marshmallow Peeps in every shape and color to honor whatever holiday calls for sugar, which is all of them.

There are fewer green, leafy veggies and less fruit at the farmer’s market– especially if you are trying to go locavore.


And the days get shorter, it starts getting dark earlier, and getting light later, and before you know it, you feel like you’re living underground.There’s a chill in the air, and suddenly it’s just so much easier to lounge on the couch with a bag of Doritos than get out and shake a leg.

Essential oils for aromatherapy and fitness offer an enjoyable sensory pathway to sticking with your regimen. It’s a documented fact that the olfactory bulb of the human brain collects and stores deep memories. Scents are profoundly linked with moods and feelings. So, when you integrate essential oils for aromatherapy and fitness into your daily routine, you are creating an architecture of experience inside your brain. These fragrances, like the sharp freshness of citrus, and the smoky relaxation of Patchouli, can trigger positive associations with the exertion and elation (okay, and sweat and exhaustion) which are part of exercise.

Here’s your pre-holiday guide to essential oils for aromatherapy and fitness. These are ideal diffused into the warm water of your shower, using Essio’s unique and patented aromatherapy pods containing our exclusive blends of 100% USDA certified organic essential oils:

Need a boost of energy? Clear and restart with French Lavender, Chamomile, Nutmeg

Need a good night’s sleep for an early start? Night means deep rest with Petitgrain, Sage and Basil

Need to decongest nose and sinuses? Breathe better for greater cardio-pulmonary efficiency with Cedar, Lemon, Peppermint and Eucalyptus

Need to get in the zone? The wisdom of winning– and also persisting through a tough workout– requires getting your head in the game with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Lime, Geranium

Need to chill? Relaxation is key to making the most of every fitness and wellness routine, so unwind with Vetiver and Patchouli

Essio offers six unique blends for your shower, formulated to bring out your personal best. Just add water.