Pregnancy is a time of great expectations. Like a rainbow or a falling star, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, like a snowflake, we know that there is a perfectly rational scientific explanation. But the scientific facts do not negate the feeling that we are witnessing everyday magic. And so pregnancy should be joy-filled–at least once the morning-sickness passes.

Essential oils for pregnancy can make those nine months more comfortable. There is some controversy surrounding the use of essential oils for pregnancy. Much of this arises from potential misinformation, where the ingestion (i.e. swallowing essential oils for pregnancy) is confused with the topical, external use of essential oils for pregnancy.

There is a world of difference. Before using any essential oils for pregnancy while you are expecting, of course you should discuss the specific oils and oil blends in depth and detail with your midwife, health care provider, obstetrician and other medical care providers, to be on the safe side and to resolve any concerns you may have regarding the use of essential oils for pregnancy.

But the good news is that many essential oils such as those used in Essio essential oil aromatherapy for the shower are recommended as essential oils for pregnancy when diffused in the air– as they are when you shower with Essio blends– or applied topically to the skin in distilled form.  Following classical aromatherapy practice, these potent oils must not be applied in concentrated pure form to the skin, to avoid irritation. So if you’re interested in using essential oils for pregnancy directly on your skin, consult with an aromatherapy oils expert as well as your health care practitioner.

Most women report experiencing their pregnancy as a very complex, rich and multi-layered journey. Some months are tranquil. Some are ecstatic, with a few downer moments. Some months or weeks are just tough. And many moments are blissful. To which we say, rock on, mama!

Without a doubt, the powerful hormonal changes which pregnancy triggers are profound, and affect mood and behavior. As the growing baby develops and becomes larger and heavier, there are impacts which are simply physiological. The weight and location of the baby “bump” often cause fatigue and aching in the lower back. In the third trimester, most women frequently feel tired, and the hip and knee joints may feel sore. The ankles and feet may swell, especially as the delivery date gets close– and edema in the face elsewhere is not uncommon, or dangerous to mother or baby– just uncomfortable.

Essential oils for pregnancy can help the body rise to meet these challenges naturally. These essential oils for pregnancy, used to create Essio shower blends, are diffused into the warm water of the shower in a microfine veil. If you’re a woman expecting a baby, check with your health care professionals — and enjoy!


Citrus – Fights depression, brightens mood

Chamomile – Calming and centering

Lavender – Relaxing

Frankincense – Soothes agitation

Peppermint – Energizes, and also relieves headache and muscle fatigue

Ylang-Ylang – Eases anxiety

Eucalyptus – Releases tension, helps circulation

Geranium - Helps clear thinking and sharpen short-term memory

Soothing aromatherapy with essential oils for pregnancy in the shower is a simple way to enjoy just being in your body, surrendering your skin to the patter of warm water, especially when the sheer awesomeness of pregnancy may make a gal feel like it’s all a bit surreal.