Many people start their day by taking a stand– in the shower. Not a bad idea. In fact, now it’s an even better idea, according to new research.

Essential oils in the shower, like the aromatic blends created by Essio, take this routine several minutes of hygiene into an immersive experience of botanical well-being. And now there’s even more good news: simply standing may be as good for your health as essential oils in the shower.

Get up, stand up! Bob Marley had no idea how poignant his words would become to the current generation of Americans (and probably people in other industrialized places). New studies reveal that on average, we sit 64 hours a week. Sitting this much, this long, is unprecedented in human history. Simply, we aren’t built for it. We’re made to move.

But sit we do. Most of us sit for 8 – 10 hours at work, unless we’re professional dog-walkers, cowpokes, gymnasts, lumberjacks, timber-jills, or crab fisher-people– in which case that daily douse with essential oils in the shower is REALLY needed to feel fresh as a daisy after a day of gloriously sweat-busting physical work.

Most people in the urban world who have sedentary jobs cannot walk or bicycle to work, by the way. Because most of us don’t spend our days frolicking with unicorns, or spend our nights curled up under a spotted toadstool. It’s a nice idea, and yes, you can park further away from your office and walk a few blocks, or perhaps get off the train or bus a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. But for most urbanites, a seated commute is a given.

We work in cubicles– in little boxes. And most of us ride in other kinds of boxes (train, bus, car) to get there. It’s a fact. So, we sit to commute, and sit at work. Emerging studies suggest strongly that all of this sitting cannot simply be offset by hitting the gym for an hour. In fact, bursts of intense activity punctuating an otherwise sedentary life– i.e., going for a brutal game of tennis or a hard run after a motionless day at the office– invites injury.

We sit more and more as a society, so the answer is to integrate standing into every hour of the day, according to The American Institute for Cancer Research, which links prolonged sitting with an increased risk of breast and colon cancers. This is true even of people who would otherwise be considered active and fit. Sitting itself is proving to be a cancer risk, and exercise in the conventional sense does not compensate.

Sitting also contributes to depression, according to many studies. Essential oils in the shower are an immediate balm for this symptom. Standing in the running water of a warm shower engulfed with the 100% USDA certified organic essential oils of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Peru Balsam, Cedar, Frankincense, Geranium, Nutmeg, Chamomile, Sage, Basil


Stand up — wherever and whenever you can — to protect your health.

and many others send olfactory messages to the brain which elevate moods and chase the blues.

Here’s what’s happening when you sit all day: when leg-muscles are immobile, the body begins to shut down on a metabolic level. You use less blood sugar, burn less fat and increase your risk of diabetes with every consecutive hour that you sit.

Sitting suppresses circulation, which means that fewer endorphins and feel-good chemicals reach the brain. Also, prolonged sitting suppresses a gene — Lipid Phosphate Phospatase-1, or LPP1– which prevents clotting and inflammation.


Stand up, right now.

Break the sitting habit as often and creatively as possible.

Stand up and move around as often as possible within every hour of seated activity.

At meetings, stand instead of sitting, if possible. Explain why you’re doing it. Ask others to join you.

Stand on the bus or train even when there are empty seats.

Walk everywhere you can.

Eat lunch standing.

Drink coffee standing, as the Italians do — coffee “stands”, without seats, invite lively conversation instead of people zoning out into their laptops.

Make and receive every phone-call standing. Try pacing, too– the movement may give you some good ideas!

Instead of sitting at the kitchen table, stand and read the paper in the morning .

Of course, swim, dance, walk, work out and aggressively sweat as often as possible, too. But simply standing for as much of your 8-10 work day is perhaps even more important to preventing disease.