Each pod of Essio essential oils contains  a blend of the earth’s most alluring botanical extracts. And these fragrant oils are more than simply fragrant– they are the basis of aromatherapy, now available in your home shower. As simple as turning on the faucet.

Fragrant oils have been treasured for centuries. Some, like Peppermint and Eucalyptus found in our BREATHE blend, developed for clearing stuffy noses, are cooling, clearing, decongesting and mildly stimulating. Our BREATHE blend of these fragrant oils works through inhalation: micro-particles of the blend infuse into your shower water, and release congestion in this way.  The same oils have similar effects when applied to the skin as part of an aromatherapy massage– in fact, these two specific fragrant oils are commonly chosen as elements in a sports massage for muscle fatigue or mild overexertion during a work out.

Other fragrant oils such as Patchouli and Rose oils used in our Essio PASSION blend have a subtler, more subjective effect on mood and feeling. The tender floral sweetness of Rose paired with the musky, spicy smokiness of Patchouli is a romantic olfactory duet which may be used to invite playful desire.

To experience fragrant oils in an aromatherapy shower is what we call the 7 Minute Essio Vacation.  Each pod contains approximately 20 minutes worth of aromatherapy oils– about three, 7-minute showers. Seven minutes isn’t much, but it’s pretty amazing when you think about what other healthy things you can do for yourself and the planet in 7 minutes or less:

For instance, in 7 minutes or less, you can:

Enjoy an Essio aromatherapy shower with fragrant oils

Eat a piece of fruit or a serving of vegetables

Resist a processed sugary snack

Drink a glass of plain water

Recycle an aluminum can

Floss your teeth

Brush your teeth

Put out a cigarette before you’ve smoked it

Add 7 minutes to your daily walk

Pick up a piece of trash on the street and dispose of it properly

Plant a seed

Water a tomato plant

Refuse a plastic or paper bag at the market because you brought your own reusable cloth bag

Refuse to buy over-packaged products

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Get off the train or bus a stop earlier so you can walk 7 minutes further

Park a block away from your destination so you can get a 7-minute walk in

Make yourself a salad instead of ordering pizza

Fragrant oils are also mood-elevating and supportive of overall health. The specific action of aromatherapy oils now is a subject of great study among scientists, since many fragrant oils have a measurable effect on blood pressure, mood and behavior. More research is needed to quantify this in absolute terms, but essential oils, fragrant oils such as those in our NIGHT blend, are often effective in easing slight muscle tension and inviting natural sleep.

Just as an example, the use of natural fragrant oils to ease insomnia offers an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs which may leave you feeling hung-over the morning after, or which leave a weird metallic taste in your mouth. In this way, fragrant oils can be part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle choice, life-affirming and life-enhancing.