Oranges are believed to be native to China. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Italian and Portuguese merchants brought the flowering trees to Europe, and the Spanish Conquistadores brought this beloved citrus to the Americas. Somewhere along the way, orange blossoms acquired an aphrodisiac reputation, explaining their popularity as a bridal bouquet blossom.

Orange blossoms are the exquisite basis of Spanish teas and Middle Eastern scented waters, used for baking and cooking. Also great used in the rinse-water for bed linens and fine cottons. And, many scent experts theorize that it was Orange Blossom water used in baking Madeleines which formed the basis of the opening olfactory musing in Proust’s famous memoir of times passed.

With the Vernal Equinox now just hours away, orange blossoms are bursting into bloom around Essio World HQ in Los Angeles and other temperate zones. We cannot comment on the effects, except to say that the smell is giddy-making. That’s why we use essential oils of Orange Blossom in a number of our aromatherapy blends.