First, we have to honor the passing, and the soul, of great American artist Richie Havens. These days, few CDs are worth owning. But get yourself a copy of his legendary “Mixed Bag”, tonight.

Queen Mary, she’s my friend. Until about 1960, every society and culture made a lot of politically incorrect remarks about women, their moods, and their behavior. Sometimes these aspects of female being were linked to the full moon, or to marine tides.

We now know a lot more about hormones, and how the benefits of essential oils can make a woman feel like a natural woman, and feel good about it. Experiencing essential oils is possible in a number of ways, including a long soak in a treated bath, or a professional spa massage with oils chosen for their therapeutic value.

There are luxurious, sensuous experiences, but they require some planning, cash and leisure time. One of the reasons that women are stressed to the breaking point today is that they are overscheduled. The demands of work, family and personal requirements like staying in shape with frequent gym visits or sessions with a trainer make the hours fly by. Lounging in the spa, though lovely, isn’t often an option these days.

Given that everyone today is time-crunched or “time-deprived”, an aroma therapy shower which integrates 100% organic essential oils may be a more modern approach. Older technologies produced shower aroma therapy which was spotty at best, in the form of a solid cake of essential oils in bar form which could be placed on the shower floor. Not bad, but not enough. These were basically modifications of the “bath bomb”. And to get the effects, you need to stand directly in the path of the bomb as it dissolves in the shower and issues forth its botanical essences. Again, not all bad, but awkward.

The Essio pod clips directly onto the shower pipe and creates a superfine dispersion of essential oils. Many of the ingredients in our aroma therapy blends have been selected and combined to support women’s health (although we care about dudes, too).

Our blends literally blend into the shower water the moment you turn on the tap. The porous tip of the Essio pod releases microparticles of essential oils into the shower stream, so that your shower becomes a spa-like experience. In the convenience and privacy of your own home.

Many essential oils affect the endocrine system when inhaled, and this causes the brain to release hormones. This interaction can have a balancing and stabilizing effect. One of the most effective essential oils for balancing ¬†and stabilizing women’s wellness is Petitgrain, which has phyto estrogenic properties and a refreshing citrus essence. Another ingredient in our Essio blends, Sage, has been used for centuries to ease the symptoms of what is now loosely called PMS.

Other botanicals in our blends, including Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Lime and Ylang-Ylang, are demonstrated in current studies to gently and naturally address common women’s health concerns including painful and irregular periods, and the symptoms of menopause.

Patchouli, a star player in our sultry PASSION blend for the shower, is regarded as a natural treatment for irritability, which is always good news at any phase of the moon.