Summer is almost here, and even if you live in the Arctic, summer means limes. The uses for essential oil are probably without number. Essio’s WISDOM blend for the shower melds Lime with 100% USDA organic essential oils of other Citrus family members–Orange and Bergamot–along with Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang, Cedarwood Atlas and Geranium.

The result: sharper mental concentration, sweeping away of confusion, a feeling of alertness without the jitters, and possibly even a gateway to greater spiritual awakening.


Depending upon the particular oil, traditional uses for essential oil may include mosquito-repellant, flavoring for foods, disinfectant, balm for toothache, tummy-ache, and more, taken internally, applied to the skin, or simply inhaled. In case of the Lime, known as Citrus Aurantifolia, all other uses for essential oil boil down to one: it makes us happy. No wonder it’s also a key ingredient in the formulation of Coca-Cola.

But there’s more than just happy-clappy when it comes to uses for essential oil of Limes. The high levels of calcium and folate in Limes are considered especially beneficial for women’s health, and especially for women experiencing the clammy, edgy, sweaty “hot flashes” associated with menopause.

Lime peel, applied to the skin as a masque, has been demonstrated to inhibit melanin (pigmentation) production, and this is of particular interest to individuals who have experienced a lot of unprotected UV exposure. Lots of UV is good for limes, but not so much for human skin, which may respond with hyperpigmentation, or dark blotches, especially in the latter decades of life.

Limes require sunshine to grow. Intense sunshine, like that of the Caribbean, Mexico, and South Asia, and plenty of it. So just a whiff of the sharp citric aroma suggests fragrant breezes, turquoise bays and sugar-soft beaches. And speaking of sugar, Mojitos may be one of the most sublime uses for essential oil, made with crushed Lime and muddled mint leaves over ice, white rum and sugar cane syrup.

Traditionally, the alcohol content of a Mojito is fairly low, so you need not be a major boozehound to feel the refreshment. In fact, an alcohol-free Virgin Mojito or “Nojito” — made without the rum– is equally energizing on a sultry summer day. While popular uses for essential oil of the Citrus family, including Limes, are often external or topical, cooling and refreshing from the outside to the inside, the Mojito works from the inside-out. One swallow, and you sparkle.

Limes are mildly astringent, meaning that they produce a slight tingly, tightening effect. No wonder that one of the most popular uses for essential oil of Lime is in aftershave and colognes, to give the skin a fresh, uplifted feeling.

But lest you think that the Lime is just a mindless party-fruit, there is growing evidence that consuming Limes–another of the uses for essential oil of this sunny Citrus– helps fight cancers of the colon, stomach and blood. And, Hesperidin, a flavonoid present in Limes, may lower “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides. Especially if you eat lots of the white pith, scientists say. Pith is the slightly bitter, white, fibrous covering around the segments of the fruit– the part we usually peel off. When a theatre review or other remark is called “pithy”, this is the botanical reference.Tart, hard to swallow, but good for you, just like all constructive criticism.

Citric acid–Limes contain more than Oranges or Grapefruits– is also a natural inhibitor of kidney stones, and was used during the Age of Exploration by British sailors as a treatment for scurvy, caused by shortage of Vitamin C, and dysentery while sailing in the tropics. That’s why those nautical Brits were called “Limeys”.

One theory of the Mojito’s origins trace back to those sea-faring days, to the era of Sir Frances Drake.The tangy beverage swilled by the swabbies on deck, made with island white rum, sugar syrup, bruised mint leaves and juice of fresh Limes, was called “El Draque”, in his honor.

Unlike Drake’s crew who spent interminable days at sea, bored silly, sucking on Limes, carving scrimshaw and hallucinating mermaids, today we’re constantly distracted, interrupted and attention-scattered. Shower with enlightening WISDOM blend, and discover enlightenment and epiphany as today’s greatest go-to uses for essential oil of Lime.