“Aromatherapy” is a word that’s used casually these days. Many products which claim to offer aromatherapy benefits don’t. This is because they formulate with artificial perfumes, instead of the 100% USDA organic botanical essential oils like those found in our shower aromatherapy products.

Why fake it? Cost is one reason. To press genuine rose essence from real Moroccan roses– well, it’s a lot cheaper to whip up something in the lab.

Also, genuine essential oils are volatile, because they’re organic. They need to be kept away from direct sunlight, and contact with the air. This is why old-school apothecaries bottled their potions in dark cobalt-blue and amber bottles. Real essential oils are a bit like yogurt — they have a shorter shelf-life than synthetic fragrances.

Think about the experiment with the fast-food french fries in that famous documentary, “SuperSize Me.” The french fries stayed more or less unchanged, exposed to the air, for…months. Then think about a wildflower plucked from a hillside. It doesn’t last more than a few hours.

Real botanicals interact with their environment, making them fragile, perishable and expensive. It’s also why they work in aromatherapy treatments.