We chose to create our business in Los Angeles, a shimmering, simmering metropolis often berated for its poor air quality.

The good news is that LA’s air quality is improving, due to decades of environmental initiatives. Plus, our offices are a short, latte-fueled walk or bike-ride from that legendary surf, so we’re lucky.

But summer is a-comin’, and for millions of people, this means the misery of allergies and even asthma attacks. Emergency rooms everywhere report a spike in breathing-related emergencies during the hot summer months.

Why? Pollen and particulates in the air are two reasons. Plants are busy making more plants, so they send out showers of fine, powdery pollen. This is part of the reason we created our BREATHE blend, an aromatherapy diffusion for the shower which opens your respiratory passages and eases the nasal, sinus and chest congestion associated with hay-fever, allergies and the common cold.

This original breathe-easier aromatherapy blend for the shower contains 100% USDA organic essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood Atlas and Lemon. All of these essential oils have an “opening” effect, and perhaps not just on your clogged honker. Some metaphysical experts say that breathing difficulties, while literally residing in the lungs, also represent a metaphoric constriction in the heart, since we breathe from our Heart Chakra. An opening of our breathing may represent an opening of the heart in a more esoteric sense.

Summer’s scorching temperatures are not a friend of clean air, since heat creates a tupperware-like seal over the land-mass, especially as we travel inland away from the cleansing waves of the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. By the time you reach Kansas, well, the air may make your nose, eyes and lungs itch.

And it’s not just pollen and smog. Many medical experts identify a link between allergies and the additives found in many consumer products. One group of these additives is known as EDCs or endocrine-disrupting compounds. They are found in many kitchen utensils, toys, bedding, socks, trash bags– and those known as parabens are commonly found in shampoos, makeup, moisturizer, shaving gels, deodorants, spray tan (hey– we are based in LA!),toothpaste and more. They are everywhere, in the majority of the mass market products we buy and use every day.

Many experts believe that daily, massive exposure to these additives, as well as contact with smog and pollen in the hot, lethargic summer air, contribute to allergic inflammation and allergic sensitization.

Aromatherapy featuring genuine essential oils offers a soothing counterpoint to these ubiquitous irritants. The benefits of aromatherapy are as close as your shower, with the congestion-busting botanicals in Essio’s BREATHE blend.