Earth Day is April 22, and we’re proud to offer our 100% USDA certified organic aromatherapy essential oils in recyclable pods, with eco-friendly packaging that keeps as small a carbon footprint as possible.

The fact that our essential oils are organically grown means that they are good for the planet as well as for you. Commercial agribusiness relies upon fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides ; organic cultivation of plants does not. Those fertilizers and other farm chemicals end up in the groundwater and aquifers, rivers, ponds and ultimately in our oceans.

These powerful chemicals also critically endanger the health of people who grow and pick commercially grown crops, many of whom are women and children.  “Big Ag” chemicals also impact millions of living organisms in many other ways. For instance, The Audubon Society reports that an estimated 67 million birds are killed each year because they eat insects poisoned by insecticides.

The presence of these chemicals in the planet’s water is also deadly. For instance, one common effect is triggering algae bloom in water. This depletes the water of oxygen, and drives out fish and other creatures, rendering the water unlivable and compromising the survival of affected species.

Show your shower some love, and appreciate our planet’s water, soil, air and life-forms  by choosing only organic, sustainable, earth-friendly products for your home.