Getting enough sleep is essential to good health. But you may not know that adequate sleep also affects how we learn, take tests, and perform job functions. In this sense, getting better sleep may actually make you “smarter” in real terms.

We created Essio NIGHT blend because lots of us have trouble falling asleep. Since formal research into sleeplessness is a new science, we really can’t know whether this condition has been with humankind from the beginning.

Chances are, though, it hasn’t. Insomnia as a behavioral epidemic probably corresponds with the Industrial Revolution, and civilization and its discontents, for many reasons.

The Essio NIGHT blend is a gentle botanical alternative to prescription sleep aids, and offers a total body, mind and psyche relaxation that makes your pillow feel like a cloud. We’ve blended the exquisite essential oils of Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Lavender, Petitgrain, Sage, Basil and Ylang-Ylang for a shower-ready mix that instantly de-kinks the day, and invites sleep naturally. The essential oils themselves work synergistically to ease tension and anxiety, while the enveloping feeling of a warm shower delivers a nurturing sense of well-being.

Showering with Essio NIGHT is one easy step to creating a healthful, balanced lifestyle which relies upon restorative sleep. Experts agree that persistent insomnia — versus just the occasional wakeful night– is stress-related. And perhaps even more significantly, losing sleep adds to stress and makes you dumber in measurable ways.

Dr. William C. Dement (okay, his name gives us the giggles, but he’s for real), considered the father of modern sleep research, pioneered our current knowledge in REM and dreaming. His “sleep education” classes at Stanford University created the basis of hundreds of subsequent studies and findings regarding sleep.

Among these: sleep and learning go hand in hand. This was especially relevant in a competitive academic setting. Tests revealed that when students were sleep-deprived, they scored lower on tests– even on content they had studied the night before. Even after the students were able to get “extra” rest, their test scores did not improve substantially in the areas they had studied while sleep-deprived.

This is why “catching up” doesn’t really work on lost sleep. Once it’s lost, it’s lost. The effects on memory, energy and cognitive retention, are not reversible simply by staying in bed all weekend after a rough week–although that can be undeniably pleasurable. This is also why cramming for tests, or pulling all-nighters, typically do not yield positive results. The quality of our mental energy declines sharply, our synaptic connections slow down, and we start making stupid mistakes, even in areas where we have high competency and familiarity. This is why driving is especially dangerous when fatigued.

So, it’s critical to make sleep and rest as important in your overall approach to wellness and diet and exercise. Our ancestors probably slept well, because they led physically robust lives compared with ours, and ate organic whole foods (only because Doritos had not yet been invented). No doubt, they experienced some of the angst we do today, but the vitality of their physical lives perhaps offset the mental “chatter” which makes many modern people sleepless.

Start your day off on the right foot the night before — and calm and soothe your way into blissful Z-Z-Z-Zs with Essio NIGHT aromatherapy blend for the shower.