That’s what Macbeth said about sleep. The fact is that not getting enough sleep makes the best of us feel unraveled, even if we’re wearing a tank-top.

Current stats on insomnia are, well, eye-opening. Insomnia is on the rise, and health professionals have many opinions as to why. The obvious: stress, 24/7 digital engagement (OK: what time are you reading this blog? Isn’t it past your bedtime? Sorry, Essio is channeling your mother), caffeine and other stimulants as part of our daily menu, and simply a world which is virtually never dark and silent under the night sky which soothed our ancestors.

What to do? You could hope for a massive power-outage. You could try living in a yurt on the Mongolian steppes for some peace and quiet. Or if these options seem extreme, try Essio’s NIGHT aromatherapy blend in your shower tonight.

This calming aromatherapy blend rains down serenity in a dreamy mix of Lavender, Ylang- Ylang, Sage, Basil and Citrus notes. Enter, Sandman.

Other tips from sleep-experts:

  • Don’t work out late in the evening—cardio will spike your metabolism and blood pressure, making sleep elusive
  • Don’t eat heavily late in the evening, either—your digestion will compete with the desire to sleep
  • Avoid sugars and caffeine late in the day, to avoid the boing-boing factor
  • Try to get into bed at the same time each night—our bodies love rhythm, repetition and routine
  • Try to get up and out of bed at the same time every day, for the same reason. May sound boring, but your body loves it.
  • Some sleep-coaches advise getting outdoors early in the morning and allowing sunlight to hit the pineal gland on the top of your head before 9 am. Couldn’t hurt.
  • Some sleep-experts recommend early-morning outdoor exercise, too. No need for heroics – just a 20-minute walk or gentle bike-ride in the morning can help re-set the circadian clock (waking and sleeping) for some people.
  • Don’t watch TV or work in bed. Keep your sleep-space just for ZZZZZs (and XOXOXOXOs).

Sweet dreams from Essio!