Could there be any two more persuasive reasons to get a good night’s sleep? A recent discussion in the New York Times “Well” column (March 18, 2013)  revealed that losing just a few hours a sleep a few nights in a row can lead to almost immediate weight gain — as in, 2 lbs a week.

Why? According to the University of Colorado study, sleep-deprived people crave big, nasty, gooey carbs, especially as after-dinner snacks, and usually skip breakfast because their internal appestat is off-kilter.

A corresponding University of Chicago study  reveals that lack of sleep ages fat cells by almost 20 years. According to associate professor of medicine and the senior author of that study Matthew Brady, lack of sleep alters the biology of fat cells, so that cells become less sensitive to insulin– a condition associated with both obesity and diabetes.

Our advice: shower with Essio NIGHT, laced with mellowing aromatherapy (essential oils of orange blossom, sage, basil) to keep fat and aging in their place. And lights out.